OTL Post 4

  1. Are there any gaps between your practice of offering feedback to students and what Hattie recommends?

I really enjoyed reading Hattie’s recommendations and could see a correlation between my teaching practice and the four levels of feedback that they recommends. Before this reading, I had not read an article that specifically outlined levels of feedback and found Hattie’s reccomendations helpful. I believe that in my work as an instructor that I purposefully attempt to engage student learning through product, process, and feedback directed at the self and accomplish these through creating learning objectives, setting out requirements of assignments, and providing positive student feedback with recommendations on where students can improve their work. Where the gap in my practice exists is in encouraging student self-regulation.

  1. In what ways can you improve the effectiveness of the feedback that you provide for your students?

I belive that I can improve the  effectiveness of my feedback through incorporating student self-reflections that encourage students to think about their standing in the course while also thinking through specific steps they can take to improve the quality of their work.  This process would establish the process of self-regulation through encouraging students to self-monitor their learning progress.