OTL101 Post 5

In reviewing my posts for this module I would choose Post 3.  This post stands out for me because I realized that it is possible to restructure an assignments and encourage students to shift from unistructural or multistructural thinking to relational and extended abstract thinking through requiring students to think in more relational terms or to compare and contrast elements of the assignment; this was one of the most important elements I learned within this model.  Another important idea that resonanted with me was the importance of encouraging student self-regulation in the learning process. Two questions that I have as a result of this course include: 1) How do I ensure that learning assessments mirror course objectives? 2) How do I continue to provide opportunities for students to achieve higher levels of learning within my course.  These are questions that I will continually revisit as I teach more course.

Two goals that I have are: 1) provide feedback focussed on the assignment and less on the learner, and 2) provide opportunities to students to become self-regulating learners through self-reflection journals.