OTL201 Post 5

Concepts that have impacted my thoughts on student engagement and retention include connecting personally with students at the beginning of their enrollment in the course as well as creating and making available an personalized introductory video for students.  Both of these practices will create a sense of connection between myself, as the instructor, and the student and will provide me with the opportunity clarify the various ways I am available to guide students through the course.

Two goals that I would like to achieve in the course include student completion and student retention. I will accomplish this by ensuring that the expectations of the course requirements are clear and that expectations of the course activities and assignments are outlined in detail.  Information that I will be sure include also include logistical information such as “such as how to submit assignments, how to contact other course participants or how learners will be assessed”.  I believe that these strategies will help to ensure student engagement, student retention, and student completion.


Questions that I have with respect to student engagement and retention include:

  1. how to cultivate student motivation within the context of distance learning
  2. how to create opportunites for dialogue between student learners

Strategies that I will use to address these include:

  1. provide consistent and timely feedback on assignments
  2. ensure open communication between myself and students
  3. create opportunities for students to post questions and comments that are accessible for other students to view and provide feedback on