OTL301 Post 2

How has your view of the effective practice changed now that you have read more about teaching presence?

  • My view of incorporating videos as effective practice has not changed after reading more about teaching presence.

In what ways did the effective practice that you identified show the characteristics of teaching presence?

  • “Presentation of content and directing questions to the group or to individual students is an important, traditional role for the teacher. Teachers also provide focus to the discussion by directing attention to particular concepts or information that is necessary to frame or pursue knowledge growth.”


How could the idea of teaching presence have made the experience even more effective than it was?

  • As suggested in the reading, I would direct students to online resources that may help to deepen their understanding of content covered in the course.  I might also open up discussion – a student cafe – on the video to allow moderated dialogue between students and myself that creates space for students to discuss the movie while relating it to course concepts. This activity would provide me the opportuntity to see how correctly students are using course concepts and how they are defining these while also allowing me to make adjustments where this is needed.