OTL301 Post 5

  • Did you engage in each of the phases of the critical inquiry process?

Yes, I found this to be a useful and engaging process. I enjoyed having the opportunity to reflect on all that I have learned through reviewing my posts.  It’s clear that through these online modules that I have engaged in each phase of the critical inquiry process.

  • Were you able to resolve any problems or dilemmas?

Yes, I was able to think through problems and dilemmas through these modules.  I appreciated the suggestions on how to create a dynamic and engaging online course with tools and strategies that differ from face-to-face courses.

  • What might you do differently in a future course?

I would incorporate the use of the online learning management system into my courses.

  • How might you engage with your students to ensure that they are working through the entire inquiry process?

I would introduce myself to students at the beginning of their enrolment in the course. I would also require that they introduce themselves to me through a video message. I would also incorporate preliminary exercises to see where their knowledge on the course content is at and then I would provide some guided instruction and activities where students will be required to integrate and work with concepts and theories learned in the course.  I would then ask students to review their learning process through a self-reflection activity that will evaluate where students are at. I would then require that students participate in an assessment where they would have to apply what they have learned and think critically.

  • Do you think that working through this course in an open platform like WordPress helps to encourage reflective learning?

Yes, from engaging in this process of working through these 3 modules it is clear that an open platform like WordPress has the potential to encourage reflective learning.