OTL301 Post 6

  • What are the most important lessons you gathered from the course?
  • How has your thinking changed as a result of completing the course?

There are so many important lessons that I have learned through taking this course, many of the important lessons I have learned were outlined in OTL 301 РPost 5.  Additionally, the modules focussed on social presence and teaching presence within the online environment were very helpful to me in ways that I have been able to understand how important these are for students and how to implement these in my teaching practice in the online course.

  • In what ways did the platform (WordPress) influence your interaction with the content and other people and what you learned?

I found the process challenging. Perhaps the introduction to WordPress and the Course can be offered separately?  I found that many of the instructions on navigating WordPress no longer apply as it seems that WordPress has updated its software.